Creating comedy material from your own funny stories

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You know that story you tell that always makes people laugh?

Ok, it’s probably stories!  Your friends, co-workers and family are always making you tell that story about…

Deep down, have you wanted to turn your funny stories into comedy?

You need to start by formatting your material (stories) for an audience. Stand-up, Sketch comedy, Public speaking, Movies, Sitcoms, Plays, etc.

But how?

(pssst, that what this website is all about.  Keep reading.)

Learn Comedy Writing Course

To write comedy, you don’t need to be a stand-up comedian, or be on Saturday Night Live.  It helps if you want to pursue comedy as a career, but you can have a blast turning your material into performance level comedy.

If you want to perform or sell your material, you have-to-have… what?

Anyone?  You have to have written material.  Good  you all knew that.

It’s one thing to have funny stories.  It’s another level to have your stories written for the best comedic effect.

Squeeze every laugh you can get.

How would you like to have your stories absolutely slay an audience, even if the audience is one person?  I’ll show you how to get your material in slayer format.

There is nothing more fun than telling a story or having it performed – and taking in the laughter it brings.

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I created “” to be a 10 month learning experience of taking your natural comedic talent and learning the basics of writing comedy for:

  • Stand-up
  • Sketch comedy
  • Situation comedy – (Sitcom)
  • Humorous Speaking
  • Film/Movies
  • Humorous Writing

Some of these topics will span two months.

Who is this course for?

For anyone who wants to begin learning comedy writing techniques.  Things like;

  • How to format your funny story for the right type of comedy – Stand-up vs. Sketch comedy vs. Public speaking vs. etc.
  • How to improve the flow of the story to get more laughs.
  • How to generate more material from your everyday life.
  • Apply some of the tips and tricks of comedy writing to polish the story for your audience.
  • Provide the basics of writing funny material.

Who is this course NOT for?

Anyone who has taken professional comedy writing.  I’ll be honest, this is high level, basic learning meant for the person who thinks they want to give comedy writing a try.  I go over all the different genre’s of comedy so that a person can determine if they like one genre over the others.  Or if they like to write comedy for several different types of performance.

So what is each month lesson like?

Your lessons are delivered via email to you each month. Using written lessons, online video, and any other media I think will help, I’ll cover the topic of the month.  From format of the written material (Stand-up is written in a different format than Plays), through structuring the material to get the best laughs for the intended audience.

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Ok,  this will be a blast.  It will also be challenging.  Writers block exists, but I’ll give you tips on how you can get past it.

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There is old-fashioned joke writing like Bob Hope, Rodney Dangerfield,  or Mitch Hedberg performed – and Stephen Wright still performs.  That is the toughest comedy to write.  Not our focus in this course.

But there is another type of comedy today.  Look at Gabriel Iglesias, Brian Regan, Ron White, Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Gaffigan and countless others.  They take stories from their life and observations on life and make them extremely funny. Here is where this course shines!

It looks easy, but if you ever tried to string some material together, you know it’s more difficult than just “winging it.”  Stand-up comedians look like they’re just making it up as they go along.  They’re not.

Their material is rehearsed and memorized.  Performance is 90% of comedy.  The material you write is the other 90%.

(See what I did there?  That’s comedy.  Ok, maybe not good, but comedy none the less.)

You can do this.  You’re already doing this. If you can tell stories that people ask to hear over and over, then you are doing comedy.

I’ll show you how to turn your own stories into the different comedy formats.  You can do this for stand-up, sketch comedy (like SNL), speeches, or just for around family and the office.

Get started right now for only $5 and get the first month complete lesson – Stand-up Writing Part #1. I’ll show you how to convert your own funny story to stand-up format and get more laughs with simple strategies.

You can see if this course is right for you for only $5.  You can cancel the remaining 9 monthly lessons at anytime.Learn Comedy Writing Course

First Lesson
only $5
Delivered right now!
Then 9 lessons @ $17 per month. Cancel anytime.

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